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Whipped Soap Making Course

Whipped Soap is not like a soap, it is more likely a forming cream soap than a bar of actual soap. Whipped soap creates form and moisturizes your body, after using it you don’t need any moisturizer and you can also add scrub in it, so your soap becomes three in one product. It is good for moisturizing, remove dirt from your body and exfoliate your skin and make your skin glowing and healthy.

Whipped Soap fulfilled your both soap and body lotion requirements, we at Craft Tree Academy we will give you all the brief detailed knowledge and provides you notes too.

Course Details

  • Minimum no. of people : 1                                                                
  • USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure
  • Course duration : 1 Day
  • Education required : None
  • Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course
  • Convertible into Business : Yes
  • Scalable & Profitable : Yes


  • Introduction about the raw material
  • Temperature of various oil
  • Equipment and tools
  • Melting method of hard and soft oil
  • Selection of base and water
  • Information about color perfume and aroma oil
  • Packing of Whipped Soap


  • Rose Coconut Whipped Soap
  • Cool Beach Whipped Soap
  • Hot Cocoa Whipped Soap
  • Black Beauty Whipped Soap
  • Shea Body Butter Bath Soap

          Fees – 6,000/-

          Duration – 1 Day