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Bath Bomb & Bath Salt Making Course


Bath Bombs are round in shape like a ball it is a mixture of dry and liquid ingredients that can balance your skin PH water. When bath bombs are mixed in water then it creates bath fizzes in water and removes dirt from your skin. Bath Bomb softens, moisturizes, and repairs the skin, it strengthens blood vessels no matter what skin type, the active ingredients in bath bombs leave it soft and silky.

Bath Salts are crystal substances made of various natural ingredients and dissolved in water to soften the skin. It has numerous benefits like remove swelling, cracked heals, pain in muscles and supple with its an amazing effect.

Salons and spas help reduce stress and take advantage of the luxury on offer for a few hours. This allows you to clear your mind and give your body the meditation it needs. However, not everyone can afford that luxury, as it can be very expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone. If you learn to combine all products, you can easily have the same experience at home. The course of bath salts and bath bombs will never disappoint you.

In Bath Bomb & Bath Salt Making Course, we will not only teach you the basics but also gives you the fullfledged knowledge of ingredients used in the making procedure of your bath bombs & bath salts and you can also customize your bath bombs & bath salts the way you like.

Course Details

  • Minimum no. of people : 1                                                                
  • USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure
  • Course duration : 1 Day
  • Education required : None
  • Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course
  • Convertible into Business : Yes
  • Scalable & Profitable : Yes


  • Knowledge about the raw material
  • Knowledge about the colours and micas considered safe for use
  • Learning how to demold your bombs
  • Technical know how for production purposes
  • Difference between essential oils and perfumes
  • Knowledge about the oils, clays & salts used 
  • Where to get the jars and containers for production
  • Professional packaging and machinery knowledge


Bath Bombs

  • Leopard Bath Bomb
  • Green Tea Bath Bomb
  • Rose Queen Bath Bomb
  • Good Vibes Bath Bomb

Bath Salts

  •  Show White Bath Salt
  • Golden Dust Bath Salt
  • Ocean Burst Bath Salt
  • Purple Rain Bath Salt

               Fees – 4,000/-

               Duration – 1 Day