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Advance Melt & Pour Soap Making Course


In our Advance Melt & Pour Soap Making Course we will teach you how to achieve stunning visuals, and share ideas to give your product and sales that market edge and unique look while being effective over time.

Learn to take your skills to the next level and develop stunning designs and effects to give your products a valuable business advantage and a competitive approach.

Learn great new ways to create surface decorations, use textures to stand out from the crowd, and create market-based soaps, bread, plates, and cakes to scale your production quickly and efficiently. We will also discuss how to build and save time as your business grows.

Many past participants reimbursed their course fees on a sales day thanks to new projects they had learned.

Course Details

  • Minimum no. of people : 1                                                                
  • USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure
  • Course duration : 3 Days
  • Education required : None
  • Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course
  • Convertible into Business : Yes
  • Scalable & Profitable : Yes


  • Introduction to soap bases
  • Types of soap bases
  • Acquainting yourself with soap colors
  • Learning about soap perfumes
  • Difference between soap colors and food colors
  • Know how about color wheel
  • Mixing of colors to make your own shade of color
  • Knowledge about soap raw material
  • Difference between essence & perfume & essential oil
  • Using of soap equipment
  • Knowledge about soap making machine
  • Schooling about soap cutting machines
  • Knowledge about soap molds 
  • Prelude about how to produce your soaps in bulk 
  • Costing and marketing
  • Professional packaging of your soaps


  • CHUNK SOAPS: Chunk Soap, Heart Shaped Soap, Swiss Roll Soap, Peel Off Soap, Multi-Colored Chunk Soap.
  • EMBEDDED SOAPS: MoM Soap, Flower Garden Soap, Sea Soap, Baby Soap, Toy Soap, Customized Soap.
  • FRUIT SOAPS: Citrullus Lanatus Soap, Citrus Reticlata Soap, Rutaceae Soap.
  • PANTHERA PARADUS SOAPS: Yellow Panthera Paradus Soap, Multi-Coloured Panthera Paradus Soap. 
  • GRANITE SOAPS: Multi-Colour Granite Soap, Black and White Granite Soap.
  • DESIGNER SOAPS: Dessert Soap, Soap Pastry, Liquor Soap, Mocktail Soap, Doughnut Soap.
  • SWIRL SOAPS: Multi-Colour Swirl Soap
  • Making soaps in bulk
  • Finishing and Packaging of Soaps

             Fees – 8,500/-

             Duration – 2 Days