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Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course​

Course Details

  • Minimum no. of people : 1                                                                
  • USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure
  • Course duration : 3 Days
  • Education required : None
  • Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course
  • Convertible into Business : Yes
  • Scalable & Profitable : Yes


  • Difference between oils , butters and waxes
  • Know how about raw material & equipment required for making soaps
  • Knowledge about the technical terms in cold process soaps
  • How to safely use lye
  • Which types of perfumes and essential oils are safe for cold process soaps
  • Introduction to cold process soap colors
  • Difference between soap colors and micas
  • Familiarity with color wheel
  • Mixing of colors to make your own shade of color
  • Using of soap equipment
  • Schooling about soap making machine
  • How to harden your soap faster
  • Speeding up your production process 
  • Learning about different types of scrubs
  • Knowledge of soap cutting machines
  • Familiarity with soap molds 
  • Prelude to producing your soaps in bulk 
  • Costing and marketing
  • Professional packaging of your soaps


  • Basic Cold Process Soap: Moisturizing Soap, Double Layer Soap, Almond Soap, Cleansing Soap, Soaps for Dry Skin, Luxurious Soap.
  • Scrub Soap: Oat Meal Soap, Walnut Soap, Orange Peel Soap, Wheat Bran Soap, Sesame Soap, Coffee Scrub, Mineral Rich Scrub Soap.
  • Using soap machinery
  • Packaging of your soaps

          Fees – 8,000/-

          Duration – 2 Days