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Pain Relief Balm & Oil Making Course

Pain Relief Balm & Oils are used to treat pain in muscles, joints, cold, cough and many more. These are made from natural ingredients and essential oils that are very effective and used to heal and smoothening your pain. And at the same time, they gave no harm to your body and gave you instant & good results on your pain as they are made from natural ingredients.

Course Details

  • Minimum no. of people : 1                                                                
  • USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure
  • Course duration : 1 Day
  • Education required : None
  • Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course
  • Convertible into Business : Yes
  • Scalable & Profitable : Yes


  • Introduction about essential oil
  • How to customize the raw material for pain relief balm and oil
  • What is the difference between fragrance oil and aroma oil used in balm and oil
  • The selection of packaging for balm and oil


  • Herbal Pain Relief Oil
  • Miracle Pain Relief Oil
  • Pain Relief Balm
  • Joint Pain Relief Balm
  • Cervical Pain Relief Balm

          Fees – 5,000/-

          Duration – 1 Day